We’re picky about what we put on your hair.

We’ve searched, examined, researched, & investigated the best hair products available and landed on three product lines that we use, recommend, esteem, praise, endorse, & prescribe: KEVIN.MURPHY, Keune, & 18.21.



KEVIN.MURPHY scoured the world looking for the best, highest-quality, natural ingredients: companies using micro-cultivation, organic growing practices, or ecologically-sound wild harvesting techniques.

These elite products use exotic ingredients such as mango butter, murumuru, Peruvian bark, & bamboo (to name a few) to provide:

  • thicker hair follicles;
  • reduced split end formation;
  • smooth & soft hair;
  • weightless moisture;
  • reduced breakage; and
  • natural repair of chemical damage.

All KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are FREE from:

  • sulfates;
  • parabens; and
  • cruelty.



“The Art of Hair Design” is the founding motto of Keune Haircosmetics, an independent, family-owned, Dutch company. True to their motto, Keune uses unsurpassed quality products that allow for elegant, creative, and contemporary hair fashion.



Based in Dallas-Fort Worth, 18.21 is a line formulated specifically for men. It’s prohibition-inspired smell of sweet tobacco transforms you to a nostalgic time yet provides a modern grooming experience.

Product include:

  • clay;
  • paste;
  • pomade;
  • hair spray;
  • cologne; and
  • body wash

Feel free to call, stop by, or visit their website if you have any questions. These gentlemen know their grooming products, as well as the details to the 18th and 21st Amendments. (Those are the ones instating and then repealing Prohibition, in case you forgot.)